Adamastor commits to Hi-rEV, the agenda for the recovery of the automotive components sector

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(Adnkronos) – PORTO, Portugal, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Adamastor recently took part in the "European Conference on the Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials", thus signalling its involvement in the Hi-rEV project – Recovery of the Automotive Components Sector, the agenda for the recovery of the automotive components industry. As part of the innovative project, Adamastor has made a commitment to implement all its experience and skills in the production of carbon fibre components, promoting research and development operations. This is just one of the ways in which Adamastor will contribute to this consortium which aims to bring together relevant companies in the sector and whose objective is to promote the essential disruptive changes in the industry which will enable companies to adapt and provide an adequate response to the targets set for the energy transition. Through its engineering centre of excellence, the company is currently involved in a research and concept development project in the production of battery structures for electric cars, positioning itself at the forefront of the automotive sector thanks to its expertise and technologies developed in-house. " By relying on the characteristics of carbon fibre to manufacture crucial components for the electric mobility sector, we benefit from its high strength and low weight", Frederico Ribeiro, Engineering Director at Adamastor. The carbon fibre components allow, on the one hand, for lighter solutions, boosting the range of the vehicles for which they are intended, and, on the other, for greater structural rigidity, benefiting the essential protection of the batteries and consequent safety in the event of an accident. The structures developed are intended for a wide range of vehicles, from the micromobility segment – which is clearly growing – to heavy passenger transport vehicles, including buses for public transport, a sector that is absolutely essential if we are to achieve the objectives set with regard to carbon emissions. About Hi-rEV Hi-rEV – Recovery of the Automotive Components Sector is a project in co-promotion with 12 other entities, as part of the Recovery and Resilience Programme, mobilising agendas for business innovation. This mobilising project seeks to unite the diverse experiences and knowledge of both the industrial and ENESI copromoters – non-business entities in the National Scientific and Technological System – and associations, through the sharing of knowledge, to drive the transformation needed to meet the demands of the future market. In this way, three central pillars have been defined for the project, with a common focus on the areas of intervention: These pillars, common to all the co-producers, provide an effective response to the new challenges facing the automotive components manufacturing sector and drive increased resilience through specialisation, adaptation to the markets of the future and efficiency, as well as the sustainable and inclusive growth of the sector itself, in which the retention of human capital and a high level of qualification plays a key role. Photo – – –
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