Cielo’s talent acquisition tools put the power of AI in your recruiters’ hands

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(Adnkronos) – BROOKFIELD, Wis., Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cielo, the world's leading Talent Acquisition Partner, introduces a series of game-changing, intelligent tools that leverage automation and AI to help companies optimize the hiring experience for all: Digital Accelerators™. For many employers, HR technology fails to deliver on its promises.  This new suite of AI-powered tools turns those promises into results. "Digital Accelerators empower recruiters by combining technology and AI's capabilities with Cielo's commitment to service excellence, industry expertise, and rich talent data sets backed by human intelligence," says Matt Jones, Chief Product Officer at Cielo. "The market leans on tech to enable TA teams and improve recruitment, but even the most compelling solution can't deliver without user adoption. That's why these tools are designed with candidate and recruiter experience at the heart – after all, technology only works when humans understand and embrace it." Cielo has translated everything it knows about the best recruiting processes into Digital Accelerators, creating individual intelligent tools that target the biggest pain points in today's hiring process, based on feedback from TA leaders. "Real game-changers are rare – but with our first available tool, Cielo Source & Engage – we do just that. Because sourcing channels are combined into one time-saving platform that puts candidate experience first – it's now easier than ever to source, match, engage and schedule qualified talent," says Felix Wetzel, Vice President – Product Management. "Get qualified, interested and available candidates sent instantly to your team, increasing overall productivity and building more meaningful relationships." Arkadev Basak, Partner at Everest Group, says: "Cielo's leadership position in tech-enabled recruiting services serves as a strong foundation for the development of recruiting technology like Digital Accelerators. As the company ventures into the HR tech space, I'm excited to see how the market responds to its innovative blend of AI-powered intelligent tools backed by TA delivery expertise. These continuous developments show Cielo's commitment to adapting to the evolving requirements of TA leaders in today's dynamic business environment – and I'm genuinely enthusiastic about the direction Cielo is taking." Kyle Lagunas, Head of Strategy at Aptitude Research, says: "In a market flooded with vendors touting talent intelligence offerings, Cielo's Digital Accelerators stand out. These solutions are thoughtfully designed to empower front-line talent acquisition teams to deliver more consistently, more efficiently, and at greater scale. I'm especially interested in seeing how talent leaders and program managers leverage Cielo's upcoming intelligent tool to identify gaps and opportunities while monitoring recruiting operations and competitive talent environments. These are highly impactful capabilities I wish I had at my disposal." Wetzel adds, "Because Cielo Source & Engage – like our complete suite of Digital Accelerators – are road-tested by TA experts, we know candidate expectations vary globally. To provide the best-in-class experience, the tool is currently available exclusively in the U.S., but we plan to roll it out to employers worldwide in the near future." Keep an eye out for more intelligent tools in the Digital Accelerators suite. Upcoming products will allow TA leaders to gain actionable insights and leverage generative AI to scale data analysis, predict accurate churn, create job descriptions, optimize TA advertising, and much more. About Cielo Cielo is the world's leading Talent Acquisition Partner. We deliver a better talent experience for everyone through Talent Acquisition, Search, Consulting, and Digital Accelerators™ services. With our fresh approach – we design and build comprehensive, proven solutions inspired by technology to find and keep the unique talent that elevates our clients above the competition. Learn more at Video –
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