Inceptio CEO Presents Vision for Future of Freight Robot Networks at Bloomberg New Economy Forum

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(Adnkronos) – SHANGHAI, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Inceptio Technology ("Inceptio," or the "Company"), China's leading developer of autonomous driving technologies for heavy-duty trucks, recently participated in the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, where founder and CEO Julian Ma addressed a global audience about Inceptio's market-leading commercialization of autonomous heavy-duty trucks and shared Inceptio's vision for how autonomous driving technology will ultimately re-shape the freight industry. Interviewed on-stage by Bloomberg correspondent Haslinda Amin, Mr. Ma explained how the advent of driverless trucking will usher in a new business model for transporting freight: "We are very committed to providing a full driverless experience to our customers, and this will definitely come about as the technology improves and semiconductors become more powerful. We view the fully autonomous truck as essentially a freight robot, dispatched and managed centrally from the cloud. This has implications not just for the truck itself, but also for the logistics model. Ultimately, we envision the emergence of nationwide, super-scale freight robot networks that provide highly efficient and timely delivery at low costs." Mr. Ma also outlined the significant ESG benefits delivered by Inceptio's current technology: "Developed economies and emerging economies face similar challenges in the trucking industry – a labor shortage driven by challenging working conditions and the heavy emissions created by diesel-guzzling trucks. Inceptio's autonomous driving technology addresses both of these issues: highly automated driving creates a safer and less stressful working environment, reducing collision risk by 75% and drivers' physical fatigue by 35%, while generating fuel savings of 2-10%. We are able to deliver this significant ESG impact while reducing overall costs by 5-6%, which creates a highly compelling value proposition for customers ranging from Chinese logistics leaders like JD Logistics to Fortune 500 brands such as Nestle and Budweiser." Mr. Ma reiterated that Inceptio is actively exploring partnerships with additional heavy-duty truck OEMs to expand its business in overseas regions including Japan, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The Bloomberg New Economy Forum is an annual conference focused on challenges confronting the global economy and opportunities created by technological innovation. Mr. Ma participated in a panel discussion on the future of transportation alongside executives from and Hyundai Motor, as well as Indonesia's minister for tourism and creative economy. About Inceptio Technology Inceptio Technology is China's leading developer of autonomous driving technologies for heavy-duty trucks. Its flagship technology is the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System, a proprietary full-stack solution. Inceptio partnered with leading OEMs to roll out the industry's first mass-produced L3 autonomous trucks in late 2021. These trucks are operated by customers including Budweiser, Nestlé, JD Logistics, and Deppon Express across a nationwide line-haul logistics network in China. Inceptio is at the cutting edge of developing fully driverless trucks, and in 2022 became the first company to receive a public road-testing permit for driverless autonomous heavy-duty trucks in China. For more information on Inceptio Technology, visit
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