New Research from ASUG Identifies Custom Code as the Top Challenge for Large-Scale ERP Migrations

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(Adnkronos) – BOSTON, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to the ASUG 2023 Pulse of the SAP Customer Research, the top challenge customers face is how to remediate custom code in their ERP systems. For SAP customers, this means the relevance of smartShift and its solutions has increased exponentially. smartShift has 14 patents and a set of unique and comprehensive AI-powered solutions specifically made for custom code remediation. With smartShift, customers are able to quickly and confidently make their moves from ECC to S/4HANA. ASUG's research findings were summarized in a November Diginomica article. This excerpt features the key take-away: "Too many customizations within old instances is the number one risk factor organizations experience while migrating." "We want SAP customers to know there is a comprehensive automated solution for 'The custom code problem' and smartShift has it. In fact, many of the world's largest SAP customers and system integrators have put their trust in smartShift when they made their moves to S/4. Every single time, we've delivered for them with a fixed cost/fixed time guaranteed software driven solution," said Derek Oats, CEO, smartShift. S/4HANA migration journeys are pivotal for organizations. They happen once in a generation and as a result, companies need to plan their moves carefully. They don't want business disruptions; they don't want to overspend, and they want everything to work on day one. These are decisions that are not made impulsively. Vyom Gupta, President at smartShift added, "Large-scale ERP upgrades are challenging. We recognize the importance of providing customers with a seamless migration experience. Our solutions not only accelerate the process and mitigate risks but also come with a guarantee of quality outcomes, delivered within a defined timeline and at a fixed price." smartShift's innovative approach utilizes patented AI-powered solutions to deliver secure, stable, and optimized code in a matter of weeks, a significant reduction compared to conventional approaches that often take months. smartShift has emerged as a trusted partner for SAP customers. About smartShift:smartShift is a global leader in SAP custom code migration and optimization, offering AI-powered solutions that deliver secure, stable, and optimized code in a matter of weeks. With a track record of modernizing over 3,300 SAP systems and converting more than 3 billion lines of code, smartShift is trusted by many of the world's largest SAP customers. For more information, visit ContactCorporate CommunicationsDarshita SrivastavaE-Mail: dsrivastava@smartShift.
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