Slenergy Launches 2024 with Upgraded iShare-Home Solar Kit

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(Adnkronos) – MADRID, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Slenergy, a leading innovator in the renewable energy industry, is set to captivate once again the European residential solar market with its upgraded iShare-Home One-Stop Residential Smart Energy Solution. Building on its remarkable success during 2023, the standardized solar kit will debut at the GENERA 2024 – Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, in Madrid on February 6. Throughout the past year, Slenergy has made substantial investments in local development, with a particular focus on technical service and support teams, as well as warehousing capabilities. Acknowledging the importance of establishing a strong local network to better satisfy clients' demands, the German and Spanish subsidiaries, located in Frankfurt and Madrid respectively, are now fully operational. The ground-breaking iShare-Home solar system was initially unveiled in Munich last May, followed by a grand launch event in Milan in October. After its introduction, the one-stop solar kit received a warm reception, leading to thousands of installations in German, Spanish and Italian households. During the month-long Partner Training & Guidance Tour last July, Slenergy's engineers conducted training sessions in cities such as Stuttgart, Leipzig, and Hamburg, catering to prioritized channel partners. The upgraded version of the single-window purchase solar kit, offering one-stop delivery and full-process service, showcases significant advancements. The iShare-Home system now includes solar panels, hybrid inverter, energy storage battery, mounting structure, cable set, smart energy management system, heat pump, smart EV charger, and the innovative iBox, ensuring complete protection. The key feature of the upgraded iShare-Home system lies in its smart OM, facilitated by the SmartBox. Through this IoT hardware, which gathers real-time operational data and executes intelligent control strategies, homeowners gain complete control over their electricity generation and consumption in real time, leading to cost reductions and optimal self-sufficiency. Notable additions to this new version include a mounting structure tailored for flat roofs, along with the incorporation of heat pumps, smart EV chargers and iBox. The upgraded iShare-Home system will be launched during GENERA 2024 in Madrid. Visitors can explore Slenergy at booth 9D17 from February 6 to 8, to learn more about this one-stop solar solution and other flagship products. Taking the next step at the K.EY exhibition on February 28, Slenergy demonstrates a heightened ambition for the European residential market. The company is committed to delivering one of the easiest systems for installers while contributing to a more sustainable future for everyone. Photo – –
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