Ulanzi Unveils the FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog Machine – An Innovative Tool for Photography Enthusiasts

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(Adnkronos) – SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ulanzi, a leading video accessory brand, announces the launch of its newest innovation, the Ulanzi FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog Machine. This latest tool is designed for photographers and videographers seeking to elevate their visual storytelling with atmospheric effects such as dense fog, dry ice, and wispy mists. Unmatched Versatility in Fog CreationUlanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine empowers creators with precision and versatility, featuring 36 fog intensity levels, catering to the nuanced needs of photographers and filmmakers alike. The ingenuity of the device is further accentuated by its array of attachments. The included 1/4 inch adapter head, straight and bent tubes, facilitate precise directional control of the fog output. This exceptional variety not only assures the perfect ambiance for any scene but also opens a realm of possibilities for special effects, setting the Ulanzi portable fog machine apart as the ultimate tool in a visual artist's arsenal. Ultimate Portability for On-the-Go CreativesPortability is paramount with the FM01 Portable Fog Machine. Its compact design, combined with a replaceable battery, offers users the convenience of instant operation on the go, without the constraints of fixed installations. Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine also features a built-in color screen remote control, enabling photographers/videographers to wirelessly trigger fog production remotely. Professional modes such as automatic cycling, continuous fogging, and timed spraying add layers of control for both amateur and professional creators. Committed to SafetyBy employing food-grade glycerin for fog production, Ulanzi Portable Fog Machine ensures that the machine's operation is not only safe for the environment but also non-toxic, making it suitable for use even in close proximity to people, including food and beverage environments. Price & AvailabilityUlanzi FM01 FILMOG Ace Portable Fog MachineRetail Price: $109 Pre-order Price: $87.2, starting Nov. 13th, 2023To discover more information about the product, go to www.ulanzi.com or get in touch. About UlanziFounded in 2015, Ulanzi is a one-stop photography and videography solution provider focused on designing and manufacturing camera and photo accessories. They always tried to deliver the best quality products with a user-centric approach. The company now has three subbrands – Ulanzi, FALCAM, Vrig. Their products cover a wide range of photography and videography accessories, including tripods, lighting, microphones, quick release systems.Contact: marketing@ulanzi.com
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