Xinhua Silk Road: Investment promotion adds new vitality to E China city’s high-quality development

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(Adnkronos) – BEIJING, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — An investment promotion and cooperation forum was held on Friday in Xishan District of Wuxi City, east China'sJiangsu Province, injecting new impetus to local efforts of promoting high-quality development. At the forum, 43 major industrial projects were signed with a total investment of over 46.5 billion yuan (about 6.38 billion U.S. dollars), six fund cooperation projects were signed with a total scale of 5.3 billion yuan, and a number of global investment partners were awarded. The newly-signed projects are of large scale, high quality and promising prospects, said a senior government official of Xishan District, noting that the projects are helpful for not only improving supply chains of traditional and emerging industries, but also promoting layout of future industries. The implementation of these projects will lay a more solid foundation for the district's accelerated formation of new productivity. In recent years, Xishan has been focusing on construction of industrial clusters and featured parks and zones. With accelerated formation of new energy, integrated circuits, biomedicine and other industrial ecosystems, along with its welcoming business environment, convenient location and large room for development, the district has attracted plenty of investors. Since last year's forum, the district has successively awarded three batches of 18 global investment cooperation partners, whereas Friday's event saw the awarding ceremony for the fourth batch of partners, who are expected to provide beneficial supports to Xishan in terms of project investment, industrial development, talent introduction, event organization, and publicity and promotion. During the event, a global economic and trade cooperation network was officially launched, combining comprehensive service platforms on municipal and district level, as well as contacting hubs linking the district and the world. So far, over a hundred contacting hubs in Asia, Europe and the Americas have been set up. Since September this year, the district of Xishan has held 24 investment promotion activities, highlighting various sectors, regions and industrial parks. See the original link:
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