Delixi Electric Unveils the Green Strategy Guide

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(Adnkronos) – WUHU, China, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 8, Delixi Electric hosted the Green Ecological Development Conference in Wuhu, Anhui, unveiling the Green Sustainable Development Strategy Practice Guide. The conference brought together government officials, industry experts, influential journalists, and ecosystem partners from across the country through both online and offline platforms, highlighting Delixi Electric's commitment to achieving net zero. Notable participants included Xinhua Publishing House, Shanghai Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Kantar China, Harvard Business Review China, Emlyon Business School, Eurasian Brand Management Center, Carbon Neutrality Committee (CNC) of the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA), and the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (SAIRI). The conference focused on leveraging green sustainable development for a net-zero future. 

 Driving Forward Carbon Neutrality Delixi Electric's strategy revolves around people, carbon neutrality, and cultivating a green ecosystem. The company seamlessly incorporates sustainable practices throughout its operations, encompassing eco-friendly design, manufacturing, and services. Delixi Electric is fully committed to"Intelligent Manufacturing + Green Low Carbon" to establish zero-carbon factories. Delixi Electric leads the industry for achieving a green low-carbon transformation. Its facilities in Wuhu and Puyang have obtained (Type I) five-star zero-carbon certifications, demonstrating the company's strong commitment to sustainable practices. 

 By releasing the Guide, Delixi Electric aims to propagate the principles and implementation of green sustainability across the industry ecosystem. This endeavor is poised to foster sustainable development at the ecosystem, industry, societal, and national levels. 

 Strategic Collaboration for a Green Future The roundtable discussion focused on "Green Sustainable Development: Empowering China's Dual Carbon Goals" and served as a high-level dialogue on ecological strategies and green practices. "Delixi Electric is committed to understanding market needs and driving innovation. By providing continuous support to industry partners in technology, products, services, and the supply chain, Delixi Electric aims to foster a resilient ecosystem, pursue a carbon-neutral future, and ensure sustainable development and mutual success. "—addressed by Mr. Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric. Delixi Electric has announced ambitious goals, including achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2025, readiness for zero-carbon by 2030, value chain neutrality by 2040, and achieving net-zero emissions throughout the entire value chain by 2050. Moving forward, Delixi Electric will steadfastly uphold its green sustainable development strategy of "People First, Carbon Neutrality, and Building a Green Ecological Community." By doing so, the company aims to make a significant contribution to China's "Dual Carbon Goals." Photo –
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