‘Faceless Artist’ Banksy: Will He Respond to the Call of Pets? Unique Parody of Famous Work ‘No Ball Games’ Appears in New York Times Square

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(Adnkronos) – NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 11th, an advertisement appeared in New York Times Square dedicated to the world-renowned artist Banksy. The video, a parody of Banksy's iconic work 'No Ball Games,' featuring dogs and cats, was created and released by the U.S.-based company XOOX. XOOX, known for its faceless artist, Banksy, who has been creating artworks worldwide with political and social commentary, reached out to Banksy, requesting artwork for pets. They left a message saying, 'Banksy, please contact us at +1 866 PET XOOX (866 738 9669) or info@xoox.pet.' XOOX's PR manager, Kristen Kim, explained, "We created this video to raise awareness about the need for legislation related to animal protection, alongside the growing interest in animals, using Banksy's artwork that illustrates how children are socially controlled. It carries Banksy's hope for involvement in legal reforms for pets." XOOX has launched a pet-exclusive pet networking service(PNS) app based on short-form content challenges. The app offers pet-specific music, games, and a urine diagnostic kit. Developed in collaboration with Medi Cloud, the kit allows simple disease detection through urine tests. XOOX also plans to release an app integrating pet DNA and MBTI. XOOX, released on November 11th with four '1's representing four-legged animals, is an exclusive app for pets. XOOX provides a service function that analyzes the patterns around the eyelids and eyes of pets to register their Face Detection biometric ID and then verify their identification. Pets can create accounts, while owners, called 'Petlers,' can manage them. XOOX donates 1 penny to its foundation for every new account, contributing to global pet rights and legislation efforts. Kristen Kim, the PR manager, expressed hope, stating, "Despite global differences, we believe in advocating for pets. We're curious about Banksy's response to XOOX's message as he calls himself an art terrorist." Company: XOOX LAB,INC Website Address: www.xoox.pet
 Contact Person: Kristen Kim Email address: Press@xoox.pet
 Video  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o043LeBaiQ
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