J.D. Power 2023 China Intelligent Cabin Awards Focus on Intelligent Vehicle Cabin Trends

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(Adnkronos) – Intelligent Cabins Boast More Functions While Customer Experience Declines SHANGHAI, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — J.D. Power and Tongji University Human-Vehicle Relationship (HVR) Lab have jointly released research insights into China's intelligent vehicle cabins in 2023 and announced the recipients of it on 30th, November 2023. The average score of the Intelligent VoC (Voice of the Customer) Experience Index for the highest-rated models is 7.6 (on a 10-point scale), down 0.5 points from 8.1 in 2022. The research uses an Intelligent Cabin Comprehensive Index, which is comprised of three indices from Intelligent VoC experience, Objective evaluation of real car simulation driving and Expert prospective assessment. The Objective evaluation of real car simulation driving Index indicates that the interactive path design of the highest-rated models performs well, as common tasks can be completed in an average of 1.9 steps on the center console screen, which is a reduction of 0.8 steps below industry average in 2022. When interactive tasks are performed, the standard deviation of average lane departure is 0.21 m and the average speed change is 2.99 km/h, both of which are better than the industry level. "Our original intention of organizing CICA is to identify the representative intelligent vehicle cabins in the industry and assist the industry to develop higher standards," said Jun Su, president of J.D. Power China. "Vehicle cabins have changed from a simple driving space to a multi-functional space integrating entertainment, safety and comfort for various usage scenarios. Many automakers and their ecological partners are thinking about how to perfectly integrate intelligent technology and driving experience with more economical investments while also keeping safety." Following are key findings: China Intelligent Cabin Awards Buick Electra E5; Deepal S7; GAC Aion Hyper GT; GAC Trumpchi E9; Li Auto L7; Lotus ELETRE; Lynk & Co 08 EM-P; NETA S; NIO ES6; Roewe D7; WEY Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV; XPeng G6; and ZEEKR X. Excellent Innovation Ecological Partner of China Intelligent Cabin Awards Awinic; Banma; ECARX; FORVIA; New Vision; Petal Maps; SenseAuto; and Yanfeng. J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics. Those capabilities enable J.D. Power to help its clients drive customer satisfaction, growth and profitability. Established in 1968, J.D. Power has offices serving North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. 
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